We attended Edgar Oliver’s new show “Helen and Edgar” last night at Theatre 80 in St Marks Place. Edgar was in Speakeasy Dollhouse, since then I have gone to a few of his live performances and I can honestly say they are some of the most magical moments of my life. It was fascinating, hilarious and emotional. He is a rare treasure. Another highlight was arriving and hearing Amerigo Mackeral & the Octave Doktors music playing in the theatre before the show. Aaron and Sarah from the band were helping Edgar. Aaron presented slides of Edgar’s mum’s artwork between stories throughout the show, it was delightful. The more of her paintings I see, the more I absolutely love them. Edgar was very happy to see Esther and I, we’ve missed him at the Speakeasy but are so glad to support his show. Anyone who reads this should get tickets info is here: http://www.helenandedgar.com/

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