Esther and I attended the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter Countdown in Brooklyn and it was absolutely extraordinary! Thank you to Larissa for putting it together. Thank you Esther for coming and making every event so wonderful. These photos were taken by her.
I walked around this parking lot which was more like a maze of creativity! Everywhere I would turn would be something delightful. I ran into some of my favorite people there and met many more as I would plant myself in a spot and draw like crazy. I gave away most of my drawings to the people in them but I have these 3 still.
Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, what a site! I only recently heard of Amanda through the great Cynthia von Buhler, she’s one of the artists featured in the Amanda art book. I donated to Amanda’s kickstarter, can’t wait to hear the vinyl! I had no idea what I was in for with this party though! It was out of control!
This was the first time meeting Amanda and Neil. Amanda had so much energy, it was intense.
The first of Neil’s writing I ever saw was Death: The High Cost of Living. It was the first comic I ever read that actually wasn’t cheesy! It is my favorite comic right after Watchmen. I showed Neil the drawing I was doing and he shouted “Lovely!” which was very nice.
Another high point was: I was sitting on the ground drawing the talented John Reid as he was assembling Amanda Palmer’s infamous Balloon Dress. John loved the drawing I made so much that he found me at the end of the night and presented me with… A BALLOON ME!!! Silent James as a balloon man!!! It is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever received in my life. There’s a photo of Me with it and John with the drawing I gave him. He told me the balloon man will only last three (apropos) days.
Some of the other highlights of the evening were seeing so many friends. I drew some of the lovely ladies and the chicken bag! Love you all! All the performers were amazing, there were 2 events going on at the same time. Out of control. Pirates, fire, slight of hand, tarot, art, singing, the Anywhere Organ, photos, gosh… so much! And Heather Graham! I couldn’t believe it! She was so beautiful in person. The funny thing is that she starred in the later episodes of Twin Peaks which is all about a girl who died named… Laura Palmer. Now that I’ve met her and Johnny Depp, my “From Hell” list is almost complete… where’s that Ian Holm? haha
There were magicians doing serious illusions. A guy escaped a straight jacket! There were fire balls! Burke and Veronica’s outfits! Ali… on stilts! Madness!!!
In summary, I’ve always been unable to accept the time period I was born in. Just like in “Midnight in Paris”, I’ve always wished to live in a different era. I always marvel at famous groups of artists throughout history and wish I was a part of it all. Andy Warhol’s factory in the 60’s for example, all those creative types playing off each other. Being at Amanda and Larissa’s party last night really made me feel like it may be happening here right now. Thank you!

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    What an amazing event. Wish I could experienced it!
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    Yay! I also love the illustration of Kate, Stoya, Esther and me. We look like the coolest girl gang. Just sayin’
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    I was there and it was THE most amazing time. I was there to watch and help out at ”The Calling”, a fire theater...
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